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Sutemi waza - Sacrifice throws

The so-called sacrifice techniques (Sutemi waza) TORI gives his own balance up by slideing or dropping himself to the floor. He uses his and / or UKE's swing and his body mass to bring UKE down. TORI can forward the movement of UKE on various kinds; rotate, tilt, lift, etc. The most effective method to pass the power of UKE is the circular path. Basically TORI "lands" at the Sutemi waza first on the ground.

In competitions TORI must make sure that his ground position does not been taken in a ground offensive from UKE as e.g. Osae komi, Jime or Kansetsu waza.

In the Kano system, the sacrifice techniques wil be divided in lateral and forward; Yoko and Mae sutemi waza. This division was not implemented in Kawaishi system.

In japanese language, the word "Sutemi" means: "I put everything in one basket"