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Katame waza - Control techniques

The control techniques shown here relate to the teaching system of Mikinosuke Kawaishi (1899-1969).

The basic classification in the judo sport:

Kawaishi shows in his Sytems traditionally also other locking techniques, but these are not allowed in judo competition sport. At the BDJJ e.V. these are not even examination content.

The sake of completeness, these techniques are listed also.

The information of the belt colors refers to the examination regulations of the BDJJ e.V. (BDJJ e.V.) and are in accordance with the above numbering. Kawaishi divided the choking and arm locking techniques into so-called groups or positions and must be shown in the examination (BDJJ) at the age of 14 years.

Mikinosuke Kawaishi