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Shiai - The judo competition

"People are rivals in a competition,
but united by their ideal and friends in the pursuit of their sport and even more in their daily lives."
(Kano 1860 - 1938 12. Dan)

Judo is a duel-sport. The goal is to throw the opponent by applying a technique with strength and speed controlled on the back. If this succeeds, the fight is won. It is mostly irrelevant what kind of throw and what technology was used while Tori clearly controlls Uke and commits no offense. The better the opponent falls on his back, the better the ratings obtained. Thus, the fight will be decided by end of the contest after votes or by judges decision.

Olympic Games London 2012:
Masashi Ebinuma of Japan (white) competes against Jun-Ho Cho of Korea in the men's -66 kg class.

The fight does not take place exclusively in stand, but also goes further to the ground. There are basically two ways to achieve a victory. If the opponent kept lying on the back on the ground for 25 seconds, so the fight is won. Alternatively, it is possible to force the opponent with an arm locking technique or a choking technique.

Olympic Games London 2012:
Ariel Zeevi of Israel (white) and Dimitri Peters of Germany compete in the men's -100kg class.

After Koka was abolished as the smallest classification 2009, there are three different ratings, all of which can be independently assigned. The highest rating that can be awarded is the ippon. Receives a fighter this, the fight is stopped immediately. The next lowest score is the Waza-ari, two Waza-ari are added to an Ippon. The lowest score is the Yuko. An addition to the next higher rating is here not possible.