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Renraku waza - Combination techniques

The presented combinaton techniques are only a small selection of options within the plurality of combination attacking, and have no right to be complete.

Within the Judo competition you often have to dig deep into your bag of tricks to deceive your opponent and defeat ultimately successful. A good judoka is characterized by a good throw preparation (Tsukuri) and by combining several techniques.

Combinations are compounds of two or more techniques.

To use his favorite throw successfully it is necessary to deceive the opponent by tackling a different technique or pretending to defend against the opponent through his posture, block or a certain evasive movement. This action of the opponent is for the own technique accordingly favorable, so you can throw him successfully in the end. An important aspect in the implementation of combinations is the powerful and fast execution of throwing approaches.

Ukes defense reactions are essential for a successful combination.

Defense reactions may be:

  • Blocking of a throwing approach with arms, legs and / or body.
  • Running a throw approach dry by evasion, twisting or top.
  • Prevent a throw by gravity- or leg movement or approach a counter technique.

It is also possible, though difficult, to combine multiple techniques (three or more) to bring your opponent out of his concept. He is therefore for our last, always serious scheduled technique significantly more receptive. In other words, by combining techniques at a judo competition it gets more dynamic and versatile. Combinations are possible as well as right- and left-hand techniques and it is also useful to change them.

Principles of combining techniques are:

  • Mastery of the appropriate technique
  • Speed in attack
  • Precision of the attack
  • Consequent implementation