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Ashi kansetzu waza - Leg / Foot locking techniques

The Foot / leg locking techniques shall force the opponent or fighting partner to give up more faster.

Soon as the necessary point of contact were made by TORI, the effect is relative painful. However, it is often very difficult to keep the contact to UKE alive. The main aim is to utilizes the defense reaction of UKE like in other control techniques, as well as in the techniques necklocks.

Foot / leg locking techniques cause ankle sprain and/or a rotation of the joints, a sprain is a stretching of the ligaments, in contrast to rotation which is a displacement of the joint capsules to each other.

Foot / leg locking techniques should not be taught to children,  adolescents and inexperienced judoka. They are also strictly prohibited in judo tournaments and free practice (Randori).