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Kubi kansetzu waza - Neck locking techniques

Neck locking techniques aim displacement or twisting of the cervical vertebrae. Attacks and defenses form TORI using necklocks against UKE create an advantage, if they be combined with relevant arm locking techniques or strangulation techniques, over those uke provides resistance.

The techniques are readily usable when UKE encapsulates for defense purposes; arms close to the body, shoulders pulled up and chin pressed down on the sternum. The leverage effect forces UKE turn his head and, if necessary to loosen his arms to  counteract the necklock.

Neck locking techniques can be very dangerous and should not be taught to children,  adolescents and inexperienced judoka. They are also strictly prohibited in judo tournaments and free practice (Randori).

If the execution is carried out too jerky, fast or too wide, there is a risk of serious injury to the spine. This can causes strains, contusion of the spinal discs or/and even fractures of the spine.

TORI should do the execution of these techniques with extreme caution, always hold his own balance and never perform the technique abruptly. UKE should perform his movements for the defense never over his neck as the pivot point, but always uses his arms and legs as his pivot point.