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Ukemi waza - Falling techniques

Ushiro mawari ukemi

falling backward with a role

Falling backward and followed by a roll, called in judo and other martial arts Ushiro mawari ukemi and can be classified into the group of "soft falls". Here the throwing power is redirected in a backward rolled movement, thus the hard impact to the mat will be deleted. In judo this kind of falling techniques is not often used because TORI will, after a throwing technique backwards, UKE usually hold or goes with him into the ground. The execution can be done like Mae mawari ukemi to both sides; to the right as well as to the left side. The entire role also involves a diagonal axis of the body (right version: from right shoulder to left hip).

During the execution of the 3rd (Sacrifice throw (Sutemi waza); Maki tomoe, TORI falls approximately like Ushiro mawari ukemi.

Execution (left):

TORI does Ushiro ukemi. After the first contact of the lumbar with the ground, hit the tatami with straight arms and flat hands. The arms are located at an angle of 20 ° up to 40 ° from the longitudinal body axis, to weaken the fall. The rearward movement energy is, however, not braked, but is conveyed in a reverse role. For this purpose, the head is tilted to the right shoulder to make room for the left shoulder, by a swing of the legs backwards, the role over a diagonal axis of the body (left shoulder to right hip) will be performed. The fall energy will keep flowing and used to stand up directly, the hitting is only fleeting, because of the rolling movement and at last the stand up.

Young Judoka often have the problem, that they do not take the head to the side after the grounding, thereby then the movement energy is not strong enough to ultimately end the role (it "starved").

Common mistakes: