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Gonosen no kata - Form of counter throws

The Gonosen no kata (form of counter throws) does not belong to the Kata of the Kodokan, and so it is not maintained by the Kodokan. The degrees of freedom in the way how to perform the Gonosen no kata are very large compared to the Kodokan Kata. The Gonosen no kata was created roughly around 1917 by masters of the Waseda University and is more practiced in France and Europe than in Japan itself. At the BDJJ e.V. it belongs to the exam content of the 3rd Dan.

The most well known form of the Gonosen no kata is which consists out of two groups of six counter techniques, it was developed and taught at the Waseda University in Japan. In the two groups there are in each six counter techniques demonstrated, in the first group are those who are executed by a foot throw and in the second group are those in which the attack with a body rotation technique occurs. In addition, two other forms of the principle Gonosen are known. First the Ura nage no kata of Kyuzu Mifune 10.Dan (* 1883, +1965) and second the Nami no kata of Tokyo Hirano, 8th Dan (* 1922, +1993); the kata of ocean waves.

As described above, the degrees of freedom within the Kata are relative large and may vary in different versions in the following points:

The version of the Gonosen no kata presented here, corresponds to the requirements of the BDJJ e.V. examination rules. This is not a guide to learning the "Gonosen no kata", it is only a help for the practitioner. To correctly learn the kata, it is essential to follow the instructions of a trainer (master).