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Ju no kata - Form of suppleness

Jigoro Kano developed this Kata, 1887, after the Nage no kata and the Katame no kata, as the third Kodokan Kata, to illustrate the different principles of attack and defense, breaking the equilibrium and the victories by yielding in highly abstract manner. The Kodokan has the Ju no Kata last revised in 1996 and standardized. At the BDJJ e.V. the Ju no Kata is required for the exam to the 5th Dan.

The most important aspect of the implementation are the own movements with the maintenance and recovery of the own equilibrium, as well as the destruction of the opponent's equilibrium. UKE and TORI are not working against each other, but with each other. The high level of concentration while performing trains both the mind as well as the body. With its characteristic attacks and by the "exaggerated" view of giving in it promotes the general Judo specific sense of balance and orientation ability. In this way, physical and mental composure will be developed, as well as alertness and inner peace.

The Ju no kata consists of three series, which consecutively be carried out without interruption.

This is not a guide to learn the "Ju no kata", it is only a help for the practitioner to correctly learn the kata, it is essential to follow the instructions of a trainer (master).