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Jime / Shime waza - Choking techniques 2nd group

In the second Group of the choking techniques TORI uses his hip much stronger than in the first group. On the other hand, this group contains four new starting positions, who are derived form the first group:

It is important that all movements of TORI be performed with very close physical contact with UKE otherwise they lose very fast in strength and effectiveness. In this way, UKE will easier and longer resist the attacks of TORI and can be able to free himselve. So always remember, that initial position is important for the choking techniques.

In order to place his hands optimally, TORI can try, such as in the 5th choking technique of the 1st groupe (eri jime Okuri), to open UKE's collar with the no choking hand, to work better with the other hand.