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Kake - throw execution

Kake (throw execution, throwing down) is the third phase, after Kuzushi (balance breaking) und Tsukuri (throwing preparation / entrance) ) of a throwing technique. Some argue the Kake is the last phase of a throw. In my view, the throwing phases are completed by Nage (the ultimate fall of UKE), because TORI is in a support role (Judo principles) and TORI must provide action.

UKE's unstable position which was prepared of TORI in the previous throw phases is used accordingly for the throwing technique to bring UKE in a certain way to ground. If TORI has executed Kuzushi and Tsukuri optimally, the farther course of the technique is rather a corollary of the preceding actions. Importantly for UKE it is that TORI brings him certainly to ground and controls his fall, to prevent possible injury (Nage).

Through a close and extensive physical contact of UKE to TORI, TORI's strength and moment of motion is transferred according to UKE's torso. The use of the arms to break the balance is supported by the use of the body, this is a very important aspect for a good throwing technique.

TORI must also take care during the execution, as in the previous phases, not to kink his vertical body axis too much because otherwise TORI also brings himself out of balance. This can UKE turn to his advantage (Counter).

TORI should conduct his throwing technique optimally as follows:

Tips for a successfully throwing technique: