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Randori - free prctice

The meaning of Randori, you can see in the translation of the Japanese Kanji. It says "Ran" is: chaos, random, at random, and "Dori" as take or grab. So we are dealing with chaotic or random handles or grips. The lump sum can be interpreted as "free practice".

Contrary to this, there is Kata, where both partners have to perform specific movements, which are exactly in time with each other. You can call Randori a fight (-practice), in which UKE gives TORI appropriate opportunities when applying a technique. Randori can be used in both; stand (Nage waza) and exclusively in the ground (Katame waza) or like in competition in both positions, it depends on which priority the training will be used.

Randori promotes a variety of judo specific aspects, such as:

  • Decide power; Learning to use situations properly
  • Variety; Practice with different partners
  • Willingness to learn; Learn together in opposition
  • Critical skills; You trains with opponents who are better
  • Tolerance; As UKE give in sometimes and let TORI throw

There are many different ways to perform Randori, the selection is based on the scheduled training emphasis, here are some examples: