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Nage no kata - Form of throwing

The ceremonial and the implementation

The Kata axis is an imaginary line in the middle of the Tatami on which TORI and UKE move. All throws are performed on this axis. At the techniques Tori is responsible for the correct starting position. The starting positions of Tori must be chosen so that the throwing technique is executed at the center of the Kata axis; it is right in front of Joseki.

Both begin with the left foot, a left-right step, turn to Joseki and greet in a standing position (Ritsu rei). After this both rotate and kneel down to greet (Zarei). It should be noted that TORI and UKE while bowing view each other, so the forehead does not touch the mat (contrary to Katame no kata). Then both partners stand up, the left foot is brought forward to the right. UKE makes two steps forward with Ayumi ashi, after this TORI approaches to UKE with Ayumi ashi (starting on the left).

UKE is first executing Kumi kata (simulated attack), or attacks with a hit, at both attacks UKE leads with a step forward. During performance of the Kata, the following phases must be clearly seen:

  • Kuzushi (Breaking equilibrium)
  • Tsukuri (Throwing preparation, pulling with hands)
  • Kake (Throw execution)

If a series is ended, UKE and TORI move back to original position and arrange the clothes. Then both rotate at the same time again to each other without turning their back to Joseki. Then Tori brings in the right distance for the first technique.

Both move after the last technique to the starting position and arrange their Gi. They turn to each other simultaneously, kneel down and perform Zarei. Both stand up synchronously, here, in contrast to the greeting at the beginning, the right foot will be pushed backwards, they turn to Joseki and greet in a standing position. Then both move after a body rotation to each other, with Ayumi ashi backwards off the Tatami.